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WilcomWorkspace Studio features


How it works

WilcomWorkspace Studio is an on-demand web application that lets you open embroidery designs to view, resize, recolor and convert to stitch files from anywhere on a PC, Mac or tablet device.







View embroidery designs in glorious TrueView

Visualize your embroidery designs in stunning TrueView, simulating the stitched embroidery design in vibrant thread colors.

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See designs in TrueView

Resize for that perfect fit

Resizing embroidery designs in WilcomWorkspace Studio is simple. Scale designs up and down, and Wilcom's legendary stitch processing technology perfectly recalculates stitches to maintain the designs original stitch spacing and density.

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Resize designs

Recolor colorways

Recolor a design with your choice of thread chart including Madeira, Isacord, Coats, Gunold and more.

Recolor colorways for different colored garments.

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See designs in TrueView

Print Production Worksheets and Summary

Print a Production Worksheet or Summary that contains a preview of the design, size, thread colors and other important production information including multiple colorways.

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Print Production Worksheet and Summary

Export and Save!

Exports your embroidery files to dozens of embroidery stitch files including Tajima .DST, Tajima .TBF, Barudan .DSB, Melco .EXP and more.

Save your designs as rich Wilcom .EMB files to retain all your thread color and embroidery information.

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Full-featured WilcomWorkspace Studio to recolor designs and colorways plus view, resize and convert an unlimited number of embroidery designs.

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About Wilcom

In 1979 Wilcom's founders shared a vision for automating the embroidery industry that has changed the way people create and produce embroidered goods.

We proudly develop all our products in Sydney, Australia, and today Wilcom is present in over 100 countries with products in over 12 languages and has a global community of more than 250,000 licensed customers.

Our flagship product Wilcom EmbroideryStudio leads the market in creativity and productivity and has been the choice for embroidery businesses and digitizer for over 40 years.

In 2020 the innovation continues with EmbroideryConnect, an intelligent WiFi Device that allows you to easily send designs from EmbroideryStudio without physical contact to any USB supported embroidery machine.

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